File Sharing with URL Uploader X: Your Go-To Telegram Bot

URL Uploader X Overview
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Tired of the hassle of transferring files to your Telegram ? Look no further than URL Uploader X⚡️, the ultimate Telegram bot for effortless file uploads. Available through Telegram at @urluploadxbot, this bot simplifies the process of file sharing like never before.

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URL Uploader X⚡️ offers a plethora of features designed to enhance your file-sharing experience:

  • URL Upload: Seamlessly upload files from URLs directly to your Telegram chats.
  • File Renaming: Customize file names for better organization and clarity.
  • Conversion Options: Convert files into various formats, including video and document, to suit your needs.
  • Custom Thumbnail: Personalize your uploads with custom thumbnails, adding a unique touch to your shared content.


Using URL Uploader X⚡️ is intuitive and user-friendly. Simply initiate the bot with the “/start” command to access a wide array of functionalities tailored to your needs. From fast URL downloading with “/fast” to modifying settings with “/settings,” this bot puts the power of file management at your fingertips.

User Support:

URL Uploader X⚡️ prioritizes user support. Through the “/help” command, users can access a comprehensive guide detailing all available commands and their functions. Additionally, joining the @BotXUpdates channel keeps users informed about the latest updates, ensuring they’re always up-to-date with the bot’s capabilities.


In conclusion, URL Uploader X⚡️ revolutionizes the way you upload and manage files on Telegram Messenger. With its user-friendly interface, diverse feature set, and dedicated support system, this bot sets the standard for remote file sharing. Whether you’re a casual user or a power uploader, URL Uploader X⚡️ is your ultimate companion for seamless file transfers. Join the Bot X Channel today and elevate your Telegram experience with URL Uploader X⚡️.

URL Uploader X Overview
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