Best Telegram Bots to Use in 2023

Best Telegram Bots

Telegram bots enable a wide range of automations through messaging. Telegram users can download media, convert files, create stickers, and more with the help of bots. The number and variety of Telegram bots is constantly growing. In this guide, we’ll review the 10 best Telegram bots to use in 2023.

The Best Telegram Bots in 2023

Let’s jump straight into our list of the Best Telegram Bots available right now.

  1. YoutubeDL – Download media from YouTube, Facebook, Reddit and more. Supports multiple languages.
  2. Courses Bot – Get access to free and paid online courses. Available in multiple languages.
  3. Google Translate | OCR | Maps – Translate text, extract text from images/PDFs, and find locations with Google services. English and Indonesian interfaces.
  4. Download Instagram Bot – Download Instagram photos, videos and stories. Works in multiple languages.
  5. Telegram Stories Downloader Bot – Download Telegram stories by username or story URL. English only.
  6. I ♥️ PDF – Convert multiple images into a PDF file. English interface.
  7. IMG2TEXT Bot – Extract text from images using optical character recognition (OCR). English only.
  8. Universal Downloader – Download media from various sources. Supports English and Russian.
  9. Colorizer Bot – Colorize old black-and-white photos. Available in multiple languages.
  10. Stickers Bot – Create custom sticker and media packs. English interface.
  11. ChatGPT Bot – A chatbot created using OpenAI, Daale, and ChatGPT API.

Best Telegram Bots Reviewed

Let’s take a closer look at some of the Best Telegram bots available today.


The YoutubeDL Telegram bot logo on a blue background. This popular bot allows downloading media from YouTube, Facebook, Twitter and more.

one of the Best Telegram Bots that allows downloading videos, audio and images from YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, Reddit and over 1000 other websites. It supports multiple languages and is frequently updated to work around restrictions imposed by sites. A versatile downloader bot for media.

Courses Bot

The Courses Telegram bot logo on a gray background. This bot provides links to free and paid online courses.

Get access to paid Udemy courses for free with this excellent Telegram bot. It posts multiple course links daily, so you can enroll in top-quality courses covering programming, design, business and more without paying. Also finds free online courses. One of the best Telegram bots for free learning resources.

Google Translate | OCR | Maps

The Google Translate Telegram screen shot logo on a black background. This bot can translate text, extract text with OCR, and find locations.

A Swiss army knife Telegram bot that brings together multiple Google services. It can translate text between languages, extract text from images and PDF files using OCR, and find locations, distances and directions via Google Maps. Very handy and it’s Best Telegram.

I ♥️ PDF

The Download Instagram Telegram bot logo on a gradient pink background. This bot helps download Instagram photos, videos and stories.

Tired of converting images to PDF one by one? This bot lets you merge multiple image files into a single PDF document with ease. Just send the bot up to 50 images and it will combine them into a PDF ready for sharing or printing.

Colorizer Bot

The Telegram Stories Downloader bot logo on a purple background. This bot lets you save Telegram stories.

Bring new life to old black-and-white photos with this colorization bot. It uses AI to automatically add realistic color to old photos. Just send the bot a photo and it will send back a colorized version. Available in multiple languages.

Download Instagram Bot

The I Love PDF Telegram bot logo on a red background. This bot helps convert images into PDF documents.

This Telegram bot helps download Instagram photos, videos and stories. It works in multiple languages, making it easy to save Instagram memories. One of the best Telegram bots for social media.

Telegram Stories Downloader Bot

The IMG2TEXT Telegram bot logo on a blue background. This bot can extract text from images using OCR.

Telegram has its own stories feature similar to Instagram and Snapchat. This bot lets you download any public Telegram story by sending it a username or story URL. A nifty way to save Telegram stories. English only interface.


The Universal Downloader Telegram bot screenshot on a black telegram background. This bot can download media from various sources.

Extract text from images like screenshots, memes, receipts etc with optical character recognition. This bot detects text in images and converts it into editable text. It can be a huge time saver. English interface.

Universal Downloader

The Colorizer Telegram bot screenshot on a black telegram background. This bot colorizes old black-and-white photos.

A multipurpose downloader bot that can grab media from YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and dozens of other sites. Just send it a link and it will provide download options. Supports English and Russian languages.

Stickers Bot

The Stickers Telegram bot screen shot on a black telegram background. This bot creates custom Telegram sticker and media packs.

Create custom Telegram sticker packs and media packs with this bot. Upload images/video and it will generate a sticker pack or media pack that you can add to your Telegram account. A fun way to personalize Telegram.

ChatGPT Bot

a sophisticated telegram chatbot

ChatGPT Bot is a sophisticated telegram chatbot developed using the cutting-edge technology from OpenAI. Leveraging the capabilities of the Daale framework and the power of the ChatGPT API, this bot is designed to understand and respond in multiple languages. With a commendable rating of 4.6, it stands as a testament to the advancements in artificial intelligence, offering users an enhanced conversational experience.

How to Find Telegram Bots?

Best Telegram Bots

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So in summary, Telegram bots can help with productivity, social media, file conversion, OCR, downloading media, language translation and more. The top bots make excellent use of Telegram’s messaging platform to provide useful functionality.

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